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                (Cecil Alexander)              

The world is charged with the grandeur of GOD is the central theme of this beautiful poem written by Cecil Alexander. The poet admits that all the manifestations in the world speak well of ALLAH’s power of creation. ALLAH has created all things in the universe and now is controlling them with great sagacity.

The poet has given an account of bounties of GOD. He says that GOD has created the wonderful things , the blooming flowers , the singing birds, the mountains, the sunset, the bright morning and lofty trees in abundance. ALLAH has blessed this world with winter , summer and cool breeze . It is ALLAH ALL MIGHTY who has given us ripe fruits, the gardens , the forests, the grassy lawns and the green pastures. In the last stanza the poet says that ALLAH has bestowed upon us the gift of eye-sight to observe His blessings and lips to express our gratitude for his countless bounties. In return we should be humble and submissive to ALLAH and prays to him only.