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The beautiful poem “A little Word” written by an anonymous poet , high-lights the significance of the little, loving and sympathetic words. The soft and polite words win us others love and respect whereas harsh words bring down our respect. We must think before speaking that our words should not hurt the delicate feelings of others.

The poet has strongly stressed for the need of the polite words to produce a positive influence on the mind of the listener. The soft accent of the words leaves a pleasing effect, heals the broken hearts and comforts the strained minds. The polite words win us the love and sincerity of our friends. Words are like flowers if used ruthlessly can hurt others. The sympathetic words cheer up the griened souls and give them mental peace. The poet opines that a soft word should not be under rated for it can exercise a positive influence on others/ It can comfort the listener in his saddest hours and can brighten up his moments. The poet advises to be very careful in selecting our words before speaking.